5 Best Places to Live in Minnesota

If you want to experience both the USA and Canadian experience, Minnesota is the place to live. Taking into consideration the cost of living, the job opportunities and the proximity to social amenities, the places below are some of the best places to reside in Minnesota.


This is the most affordable suburb in Minnesota. It is home to over 24,000 people, a happy family community. Here you can find good and beautiful apartments that fall within your budget, be it a high one or a low one.

Falcon Heights

This is a rather small suburb. It is home to just 5,000 people and is among the smallest neighborhoods in the city. If you want a crime-free neighborhood, this is the place to live. People here are amicable. The cost of living here is affordable, with a median rent value. Located in Falcon Heights is the University of Minnesota which brings a lot of benefits to the community.


Located in Minneapolis, this suburb is amazing. The house prices in Shorewood are affordable for an average citizen. There are many homes on the market, which means you don’t have to house hunt for long. If you are outdoorsy, then consider staying here. The suburb curves around Lake Minnetonka and is near to Minneapolis’s city Centre which gives you an experience of both worlds.


At Plymouth, you are very close to the waters. Being home to Parkers Lake, Medicine Lake and Gleason Lake, you will always have a very beautiful view right at your doorstep. The place has a very affordable cost of living. The houses here are mansions with large gardens and have very ample space.

Mendota Heights

This is the greenest neighborhood in Minnesota. The suburb is located near Fort Snelling Park which allows residents to go hiking and bike riding. It is close to the twin cities, which makes it easy to secure jobs for residents.

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